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It is no surprise Netmen is the premier computer repair company in Houston. Our certified computer repair technicians are the best of the best and our high-quality service guarantees are unmatched by our competitors. From your home computer to small, mid-level businesses, we provide solutions for every computer environment. Most importantly, at Netmen IT Solutions, you are always guaranteed a fast and flawless computer repair, which is why we are an unparalleled Houston computer repair company.


When you depend on computers in your home, at your business and even on-the-go, a computer that doesn't work is often a real crisis. Netmen's expert computer repair technicians are standing by, to ensure your crisis is solved fast and flawlessly. When you need an onsite computer repair in Houston, a highly-skilled Netmen IT tech will come to your home or business within one hour.We are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to fix any problem for any technology. We are the computer repair company you can rely on to get the job done fast and flawlessly. If you want the top company in the industry, contact Netmen online or at (281) 713 - 9863

Netmen IT Solutions computer repairs are the best in the industry. Contact us today Netmen has over 10 years of experience and receive a computer repair experience you will love and appreciate, below are our most common computer hardware repairs. Whether you have a computer desktop, laptop, all in one, or tablet Netmen IT Solutions is here to assist you.

Looking for same day repair ? Netmen IT Solutions has same day services available, please ask one of our techs about this service.

From Desktop Computers, All in ones, Laptops, and tablets Netmen is here to deliver.

  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades & Replacement
  • Computer Fan Cleanup & Replacement
  • CPU Replacement
  • CD & DVD Install & Replacement
  • Video Card Install & Replacement
  • Sound Card Install & Replacement
  • Heatsink Cleanup & Replacement
  • Hard Drive Upgrades & Replacement
  • USB Expansion
  • Thermal Compound Maintenance
  • Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Install & Replacement
  • Laptop Housing Replacement
  • Laptop Hinge Replacement
  • Laptop Cable Ribbon Replacement
  • Tablet LCD Screen Replacement
  • Tablet Housing Replacement

Netmen IT Solutions does not repair electronics or computer parts, all services in this page require the replacement of the faulty computer component. If the service you seek is not listed here please call us at (281) 713 - 9863



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