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Operating system services

Are you ready for a fresh start for your computer or to upgrade it to the newest version of windows? We can upgrade your computer to a newer operating system, or roll back to an older version OS. First, we will qualify your computer to make sure its compatible.


All computer and laptop systems are built to accommodate the market's existing operating system, which means everything from CPU processors to graphics cards and sounds cards are made sure to be compatible. Likewise, any upgrades that are sent out by OS developers are done so to adapt to the standard computer components that are used at the time. So if your computer doesn't have the minimum requirements for each operating system, it will not run properly.

Operating System Reinstall:

We offer several Windows solutions, including Windows Install / Reinstall and Upgrade. With a Windows Reinstall we will reinstall the same version of windows on your current computer and get you a fresh start on that computer. This is ideal when you have a major issue with your Windows operating system and want to save time on having it repaired. Just remember to have your files backed up or have a technician back up your files for you. The benefits of a Windows Reinstallation are that your computer will run like it did when you first purchased it, as long as you dont have any hardware issues.

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New & Old Operating System Clean Install"

Another service we offer is the installation of a new copy of Windows on a new computer or on a computer with a older copy of Windows that can not be upgraded. This can can be a hard thing to accomplish if the hardware is not compatible with the desired OS, Netmen IT will perform the neccessary compatibility tests before we agree on this method with our customers.

Operating System Upgrade

We can also upgrade your current copy of Windows to a new version of Windows and set everything up to work properly with it. Most upgrades can make your computer run smoother and give you the newest features of your operating system.

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